Benefits of Working Together


What is a Health Coach?


We are on the cutting edge of a Health Revolution.  Chronic Disease is at epidemic proportions in our generation and people desperately need diet and lifestyle guidance to find their way back to health.


While traditional healthcare continues to address disease (largely brought on by misinformation and the Standard American Diet) by only treating symptoms and with the use of drugs and other costly interventions, Health Coaching is a growing movement that embraces a whole-body or holistic approach to food and lifestyle changes as the new medicine of choice.

Health Coaches are professionals from diverse backgrounds and education.  We work with individuals and groups in a collaborative effort to facilitate and empower people to reach their health and weight-loss goals.  By providing ongoing support and guidance, we help you to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your life so that you can find lasting health and happiness, free of disease and medications.


People don’t need another diet and exercise plan, pill or potion.  They need an expert who can guide and empower them; someone who understands the importance of getting to the root (the real problem) instead of just focusing on symptoms.  People want someone they can trust to provide quality information, actionable advice, and results!


As your Health Coach I will help you navigate the world of contradictory dietary advice and determine what changes are necessary for you based on your unique personal needs.  The process will begin with a goal-setting session based on your specific life and health challenges. Together, we’ll take a careful look at your weight, your health and your life and determine where you want to be.  I’ll help you understand the real reason why you haven’t been able to lose weight.  I’ll teach you the Ketogenic Diet from start to finish and customize a plan to get you where you want to go. 


This time, there will be lasting lifestyle changes~not short-term fixes! Once you learn this type of dietary hacking, you’ll never have to deal with stubborn weight issues again. You’ll transform your health and your life and simply love the skin you’re in!


 How working with me can benefit you~  

One of the greatest benefits of working with a Health Coach is the ongoing support and guidance that many doctors are unable to provide.  Most physicians simply do not have the time or resources to help you build healthy habits and change your lifestyle on a day-to-day-basis. 

There’s all sorts of information on the internet and you can try to put things together on your own. You can follow the latest fad diet or whatever is hot on social media.  But quick-fixes rarely produce long-term sustainable results, let alone health.


Knowledge is one thing, but knowledge with the expertise and knowing what situation to apply it to is what gets results! This is one undeniable benefit that health coaching provides!


Working with a Health Coach not only accelerates the process by providing structure, accountability, motivation and perspective~it leads to lifelong changes.  It provides you with the tools you need to handle everyday life and to make decisions that are right for you as an individual. We take into account your health history, along with the current state of your metabolism and we formulate a plan for your success!

What you may not realize is that the approach you are likely using~you know, that one~the one you’ve trusted and listened to for so long, yeah, the SAD (Standard America Diet) one~it’s all wrong! It’s based on inaccurate, outdated, and flawed information.  That’s the reason it’s not working!


Let's face it~


It can be a bit overwhelming when you start looking at all the dietary advice that’s out there.  Quite frankly, it can even prevent you from moving forward because you simply don’t know where to turn.


The good news is you don't have to go it alone~


You can get the help of an expert.


Through private customized coaching I will help you break down all that contradictory dietary advice and help you get on the road to wellness. 


What’s really important about this is~if you’re one of those people who desperately wants or needs to lose weight~what I’m offering you helps you to do that in the quickest, healthiest, most efficient way possible. 


Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process and having all the support you need from someone who’s been there and who, well~just “get’s you.”

In today’s society it’s rare for anyone to get an hour-long session to explore their health, weight loss, and wellness goals with a trained professional.  That’s what you get with me; along with a supportive, judgement-free environment where you can learn and grow. 


I’ll help you take the guess-work out of how to get started; I’ll arm you with information and help you accomplish what you think right now is impossible!


Services I provide~

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • 1-on-1 Plus Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Email Coaching

  • Email Plus Coaching

  • One-time consultation

  • Macro Evaluation


Together we will~

  • Look at how the 7 facets of health work together to produce weight loss

  • Connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be

  • Determine effective daily steps that will get you to your goal

  • Discover the root to your stubborn weight issues


You'll learn~

  • The secret to weight loss

  • The truth behind why you haven’t been able to lose weight

  • The purpose of fat

  • Fundamentals of the Ketogenic Lifestyle & Diet

  • What Ketosis is and why you want to be in it

  • What fat is and why it’s your secret weapon

  • How to stop sugar cravings

  • …and much, much more


What I Believe~

  • Unconditional love and support are the most powerful healers on the planet

  • We are ultimately responsible for our own health and well-being

  • Our body is designed to heal itself (we just need to give it what it needs)

  • True healthCARE  involves fixing the cause not just alleviating a symptom

  • Healing takes a team approach (it’s what co-creating is all about): it’s you, me, and your doctor working together to address all aspects of your life in order to create health.

My goal~

While this may seem counterintuitive, as a Certified Health & Ketogenic Life Coach, my ultimate goal is to help you become more self-reliant. From helping you to create and maintain an environment of success, to helping you implement a support system, I am committed to arming you with the tools you need to succeed and to reach your goals. I want to empower you with the information and skills you need to take ownership of your heath to create positive, lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes that affect how you eat, to how you live!

I want to help you take your aspirations and transform them into reality!


In a nutshell~

I help people who have tried everything to lose weight discover the real reason why they have been having difficulty transform their health and their life so they can find success.


What I have found is that when people seek solutions to weight loss they don’t really get a solution, at least not a lasting one.  The reason for this is that no one is addressing the root cause of the weight issue, and so it always comes back.  In dealing with the wrong problem you never find the right solution!


What I do is show people the missing component of weight loss and most health issues. I show them how to resolve their weight and health issues using the Ketogenic Diet.


As a result, my clients not only lose weight, but they keep it off! In addition to this, they avoid most of the disease prevalent in our society today, allowing them to lead full, happy, healthy lives!


My Approach~

My approach is relationship.  What does that have to do with health and weight loss?  Everything! 

I believe that all things flow from relationship and authentic connections. We didn’t get where we are by ourselves and chances are we won’t come out of it by ourselves either!


Think about it, if you could do this on your own, wouldn’t you have done it by now?  There’s no shame in needing help.  We all need someone in our corner. I’ve been coached myself in everything from relationships, to health, to weight loss, to business.  I wouldn’t be who I am, where I am or anywhere near the caliber woman or coach that I am today without the gorgeous souls of all who invested in me.  Coaching is one of the most valuable gifts you will ever give yourself.  It will challenge you, change you, and open you up in ways that you never dreamed possible!

This is where your story begins~are you ready? 

Still not sure?  

Let's talk. Click the link below to schedule your free consultation.  Have I got some things to tell you!  




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