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Intermittent Fasting

Updated: Apr 12

Understanding the power and effects of this ancient practice

Have we somehow we missed the power and overlooked the therapeutic potential of Fasting?

At its very core, Intermittent Fasting simply allows the body to use its stored body fat for energy. It is important to realize that fasting is normal. Fasting has been around for ages and was a considered a part of everyday life.

Today, people have mistakenly adopted the idea that this is somehow dangerous and have begun to fast for shorter and shorter periods of time.

This has lead to a real problem with fat storage!

This excess fat storage has, in turn, has created metabolic disorders like Obsesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer.

The sheer number of health conditions that can be reversed by incorporating Intermittent and Extended Fasting is staggering!

In my opinion, the Ketogenic Diet is what makes Intermittent and Extended Fasting easy and sustainable.

Why? Because you can do it with zero hunger!

Did you know that fat has a purpose?

The purpose of fat is fuel. Yet, it can only be used in the absence of sugar.

The problem is there's simply too much sugar present in our systems and it's pretty much there all the time.

Sugar-that's not just cookies and cakes. It's anything that can turn to sugar. Excess of any carbohydrates or protein can create this situation. Protein consumed in excess can get turned to sugar and stored as fat.

In anyone with metabolic issues (if you have a belly, that's you) this excess sugar is going straight to the liver. It's gunking it up.

When you're not eating, guess what?

That liver is responsible to manage your blood sugar.

If the liver is gunked up--functioning is impaired!

The liver tries to recover by dumping some of this stored triglyceride fat back out as sugar in hopes that you won't eat and that you will burn it off (otherwise known as fasting).

The reason many of you are still having difficulty losing weight is that you've not yet adopted the other side of the ketogenic equation (fasting).

Eating a true Ketogenic Diet of very low carbs, moderate protein, and very high (healthy) fat will lower insulin, but it does something else:

It keeps you full enough to fast!

Body fat is merely food energy that has been stored away. If you don’t eat, your body will simply “eat” its own fat for energy.

If you think about it, all of life is about balance, right? The good-the bad, the in-the out, the up-the down.

So, Fasting is simply the flip side of eating!

Here's how it works: You eat food, you increase insulin (fat storing hormone), you store sugar and produce fat in the liver.

Now, here's the flip side: You don't eat food, you decrease insulin (open up the pathway for fat burning), then you burn stored sugar and fat!

When you fast, the liver dumps (think healing here), you realize this so you don't eat in order to burn liver fat.

The result? Your metabolic issues begin to reverse and then you begin to see significant weight loss!

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