Just need a little help getting started? This is our most basic service. Want to know exactly how many calories, carbs, fats, and proteins you need on a daily basis? Just need to make sure you’re doing it right? This is a single service providing Custom Macros only and does not include email support or access to the private Facebook group for coaching clients.


For a limited time, in addition to your Custom Macros, I am including a 2 week review of your food diary with suggestions & tweaks absolutely FREE!


Here's what others are saying: "Without knowing your macros, you won't know if you are meeting them. I was eating way too much protein and way too little fat. This way of eating is high fat and a lot of us come from a world thats taught us to fear the fat. If you are struggling or confused, get a macro eval from Lisa Carroll. It made a huge impact in my journey." ~P. Floyd.


Expert Knowledge+Actionable Advice=Proven Results!


Macro Evaluation


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