Real Transformation Starts Here

I’m here to help you find you again.

There’s been a disconnect between who you know yourself to be inside and what you see on the outside. Sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself. You just want to feel like you again; to get to the place where every waking moment doesn’t have to be focused on getting somewhere. You just want to be~there.

It just feels like you’re never going to make it. Sometimes, if you’re honest, you just feel like “what’s the use.” Nothing you’ve tried has ever worked. You feel like you’re trapped inside your own body~and you just want out.

Having a healthy weight means having the freedom to do the things that you want to do like putting on a bathing suit or wearing shorts, or buying clothes without an “X” on them. Maybe it’s being able to travel without worrying that you won’t be able to fit in the airplane seat or being able to play ball with your children. Maybe it’s just not feeling like an embarrassment to your children or to your husband or wife. All of these are valid reasons for getting where you want to go.

Hello~those things are important!

Every week you determine to eat better. Maybe you’re counting calories and watching everything that goes in your mouth, or maybe you’re exercising like a fanatic, or maybe you’ve just simply given up.

Either way you know you’ve got to do something because your soul is nudging you right now to take a chance. Yet you feel this resistance in your own self. “It won’t work”; “It’ll just be a waste of money”; “I probably won’t be able to stick to it”; “I’ll feel like a failure”.

Yet there is that nudge. You know you haven’t landed here for no reason. Every single word you’ve read has spoken to you on some level.

Here’s the thing

You’ve tried diet after diet only to find that none of them worked for you. You’re still struggling with the stubborn weight year after year. No matter what you do you just can’t seem to get it off or if you do lose you seem to gain every single pound back. Gaining and losing the same amount of weight over and over again.

You’re sick of that, right?

Ok, so hold that thought for a moment. Just sit with that feeling. Do you want to be in that same place, feeling like you do right now, a month from now; a year from now?


No. I know you don’t!

The first step is simple: you need to get clear on exactly what you do want. So many times for fear of disappointment or feelings of failure, we don’t allow ourselves to get in touch with what we really do want.

It’s time to do that~

Really it comes down to two things: what you believe and what you do. If you believe nothing works~then it won’t. If you believe something works, but you do nothing~it won’t work. You have to decide that you are worthy of health and that you deserve the transformation you are after and then you have to put that belief into action.


So that's you’re part.


And here's where I come in. I hone in on the real reason why you can’t lose weight, dig down to the root issues preventing you from succeeding and develop a strategy for health; the kind of health that results in weight loss. Weight loss always follows health. If you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try you can bet that there is a root issue causing it. I know how to find it!

My understanding of this facet is what makes working with me different. After all, how can you get the result you desire if you apply the right solution to the wrong problem? That never works!

Mainstream healthcare tends to have their focus on symptoms; treating a symptom means that you never get to the root of the actual issue. Applying the right solution to the root issue eradicates the problem and success then comes easily! I bet you could use some “easy” right now.

People come to me when they are struggling; when they’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing’s worked and when they want optimal health. That’s what I’m here to do for you-to help you create health through the Ketogenic diet. I will give you proven strategies to repair your damaged metabolism. Together we will eliminate those root issues that have you stuck and get you back on the path to true health and happiness. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!



Let's Co-Create Health

Professional Bio:

Lisa Carroll is the founder of Keto Revolution, a health and wellness organization dedicated to spreading the word about the therapeutic

effects of the Ketogenic Diet on health, wellness, and weight loss.


In addition to managing Keto Revolution, Lisa is on staff with Ketovanglelist Coaching where she is a coach for a 200,000+ member online ketogenic community.  She is a Certified Health Coach as well as a Ketogenic Life Coach.  Lisa regularly teaches Keto Quick Start online classes and workshops.  She is a wellness entrepreneur as well as a gifted writer and engaging speaker and was recently featured on the cover of Women's World Magazine in an article detailing her weight loss success and coaching tips.


Lisa has a background in both biblical counseling and inner healing. 

She has conducted numerous workshops on “ The transformation of

the Inner Man”, “Healing Wounded Emotions”, “Healing Trauma”, and “Spiritual Roots to Disease.” 


Lisa’s passion is people.  She has a deep desire for relationship.  She

believes that all things are derived and flow from authentic relationship

and connection. She says,“Relationship is everything and it is foundational to everything and without it we simply cannot thrive”.  Her Keto Revolution Facebook group centers on community providing help, hope and guidance

to those on the journey to better health and wellness.


Lisa’s personable approach and value for connection make her the perfect coach for those who understand the need to go deep.  She makes sure you

are seen, heard, and valued and that you are armed with the information

you need to totally transform your life!  Simply, expect more.

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