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How to get into Ketosis, 10 tip for Ketosis

10 Tips to Optimize Ketosis #1

Getting your body into the state of ketosis and maintaining it can be a struggle for a lot of folks. The truth is, we all trip up from time-to-time, and there’s not one of us who doesn’t need a little help or a reminder every now and again.
My goal in this series of tips is to identify many of the roadblocks on the path to nutritional ketosis in an effort to help you improve your ability to maintain and maximize the level of ketosis necessary for you to accomplish your goals and to see the weight loss that you desire. Many of you tend to be too hard on yourselves and are quick to assume, "Keto just doesn’t work for me, I’m different." If that’s you, listen up! You just might find the answer to your problem in the information below.
Tip 1: Stop Fearing Fat
A big problem that we routinely see is that people simply do not eat enough fat. Not eating enough fat will set you up for failure, or at the very least, HUNGER. The beauty of a true ketogenic diet is the power it has to satisfy you and significantly reduce your hunger and your cravings. Eating proper amounts of FAT is key to balancing the ketogenic equation.
What do I mean?
When you are eating very low carbs and moderating protein, you don't get a lot of energy from those two sources and it becomes necessary to increase another macronutrient (i.e., fat) to meet your caloric needs. Fat should, at the very least, be eaten to satiety. If you eat a meal and find that you cannot make it to the next meal, you have not eaten enough fat!
But, Coach Lisa! Fat makes you fat, clogs your arteries, and gives you heart disease!
Check out The Big Fat Surprise for a big, fat surprise when it comes to how dietary fat ended up so demonized. 
Keeping the fat high allows you to keep your other macros in check, which in turn leads to deeper sustained levels of ketosis. (And, who doesn’t need that?)
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