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10 Tips to Optimize Ketosis #7

My seventh tip for getting into and maintaining ketosis is:
In order to maximize the benefits of nutritional ketosis, we must understand the part that exercise plays. This may require a little re-adjustment in our thinking. We’ve long been taught that exercise (combined with semi-starvation) is the beginning and end of weight loss, and so our reasons for doing it are often skewed.
Most people with any significant amount of weight to lose will find the “eat-less, move more” method to be severely lacking in its ability to produce a leaner body. Keto, on the other hand, is muscle-sparing and muscle-revealing, meaning that as you lose fat you also maintain and reveal the existing muscle underneath.
To maximize this benefit, it is necessary to understand why you should exercise, and what type will be most beneficial.
Let’s talk about the why.
The number one reason most people exercise is to lose weight. If exercise really worked for weight loss wouldn’t we be thin by now?
Let me give you a better reason to exercise: Exercise lowers glucose reserves, depleting glycogen that is stored in both the liver and the muscles. Depletion of glycogen in the muscles causes an increase in growth hormone. More growth hormone means more muscle, and more muscle means you burn more energy at rest (think increased metabolic rate). Yes, exercise and building muscle increases your metabolism!
What kind of exercise should you do? Simple! Lift heavy stuff.
Before you run to the gym and try to squat 500 pounds, always remember that heavy is a relative term, and it means different things to different people. To put it quite simply, if you’re lifting a certain weight and it’s heavy to you, then you are lifting heavy. Lifting heavy builds muscle, improves cardiovascular health, improves your over-all physique and, most importantly, improves Insulin Resistance, allowing your body to use less and less insulin. This means, over time, that your body will store less fat.
The next type of exercise you should be incorporating into your ketogenic lifestyle is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is, perhaps, the best exercise that you can do in terms of fat loss and stress release. HIIT workouts activate what is known as the GLUT-4 receptor in the body, which removes glucose from the bloodstream causing it to be utilized more efficiently.
HIIT is exactly what’s its name suggests: It is high intensity exercise, done in intervals. This amounts to quick, hard, intense total exertion for a short burst, and then an even shorter rest. Repeat your set and you've got yourself a HIIT routine. The beauty of HIIT training is that of time management. It takes only about 10-15 minutes to get an effective workout and needs only to be performed every other day to maximize fat loss.
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