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Could a Sluggish Thyroid Be Causing Your Weight Issue?


Most likely you've probably heard that an underactive thyroid gland can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to maintain a healthy weight.

It's true—this hormone directly impacts the body’s metabolism, and can cause you to put on weight almost uncontrollably.

But, more than likely it's not really your thyroid!

Many people don’t realize is that the majority of hypothyroid issues are not primary conditions. That means the condition has an underlying source causing the problem.
The key to improving the thyroid is to find the real root of the problem.
I want to talk about the most common root issues and then I want to go to the 'root of the root'.
1. Damaged Liver or Gallbladder Problem
The thyroid gland produces an inactive hormone that has four iodine molecules attached to it called T4. The hormone then travels through the liver, where enzymes within the liver strip away one of the iodine molecule, activating the hormone to T3.
Eighty percent of the thyroid function occurs through the liver.
When the liver is damaged, it negatively impacts the ability of the liver to strip away the iodine molecule, which leaves the hormone in inactive mode. Even with a healthy liver, a low production of bile will also make it difficult for the liver to properly process thyroid hormone.
Quick tip: One common remedy is to use Bile Salts because it helps the conversion from T4 to T3.
2. High Levels of Estrogen
High levels of the hormone estrogen in the body will interfere with the thyroid’s ability to function properly.
Estrogen can also negatively impact the liver’s ability to process the thyroid hormone, as well as block the production of bile, which would also create an underproductive thyroid gland.
The hormone produced by the thyroid is extremely important to the body’s metabolic processes.
If the thyroid is not functioning properly, it can be almost impossible to properly maintain and manage your body’s weight.
The key is to understand that in almost every case low thyroid function is the secondary symptom to an underlying cause.
The Root of the Root
You should know that high levels of the hormone Insulin increases estrogen (and high levels of estrogen increases insulin creating a vicious cycle). And, high levels of estrogen definitely impair thyroid function!
So the Root of the Root in my opinion is Insulin Resistance!
Quick Tip: Consume more cruciferous vegetables. They counter estrogen and help to lower the rate at which glucose hits your system.
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