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Getting to the Root of the Issue

Are you struggling to maintain consistency?
Do you often feel that you are less than 100% committed to your own goals?
Have you ever thought about why that might be?
Often we simply do not dig deep enough. We just keep trying over and over to reach our goals. We set goals and when we don’t achieve them we feel bad about ourselves, fall off the wagon, or abandon our plans (goals) altogether.
But what is actually at the root of this?
Instead of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps to begin again, why is it that we do not go inward and truly look at the “root” of the problem. Maybe no one has told us that there is a root. Maybe you’ve never even heard of or thought of such a thing.
Often we get in a pattern of just having to push ourselves to make things happen. What I think we are really looking for is a flow. A flow to life, and a pattern of eating and living that come naturally from a desire hidden deep within us; there is a place within you that desires health and wholeness above all else.
Wholeness comes from having a continuity of mind, body, and spirit. It is part of loving ourselves. Wholeness could be defined as alignment with the deepest essence of ourselves, free from the roots of entanglement.
For instance, say you have an issue with commitment. Why do you think you have an issue with commitment? Is it really an issue with commitment or is it a fear of failure? Is it fear of not keeping your word? Perhaps it’s a fear of disappointment in either disappointing yourself or others? Is it fear of not measuring up or not being good enough? These are the things that I believe sabotage us on a deeper level and that exist as roots of entanglement.
Let me ask you a question. If you go into your garden and you cut down a tree, is the tree still there? If you answered no, you are incorrect. The tree IS still there only in a different form. It’s there because you did not remove the root. At some point when you least expect it you will be in your beautiful garden and that forgotten root will trip you up.
It is no different on the path to your goal, without dealing with the root you will continue struggle with being less than 100% committed to your deepest desires and goals.
The message here: Go below the surface and look at the “why” behind your actions.
A good question to ask yourself is what does this remind me of? What is the accompanying feeling I am having? Does it make you remember another time in your life when you felt this way?
YOU may have just uncovered a root! If you deal with that root issue it may just pave your road to success.
This just a small part of what I help people to discover in coaching. I help you to discover what’s blocking the path to your success by helping you dig down to root issues, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
I want to empower you with knowledge so that you can gain control of your health. Only then will you truly be able to live the life of your design.
Contact me today at [email protected] for a no-obligation consultation. It’s absolutely free. I cannot wait to meet you!
Next up: How to effectively deal with root issues. 
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