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Should Food Be Addictive?

The question might instead be asked, “Is REAL food addictive?”
When was the last time you said, “I just can’t stop eating these avocados” or broccoli for that matter?
The answer? “Never.”
If you are having trouble staying away from something you are calling “food”. The first clue is that it’s probably not food. It’s a chemical designed to mimic food or at best it might be a food chocked full of chemicals!
Secondly, it’s also a clue that you should strongly consider staying away from “it” whatever it is, food or otherwise. Food companies are purposely adding these chemical substances to your food in order to “trick the taste buds” into rapid addictions causing you to not only eat more, but to buy more.
Your body does not recognize the additive and continues to look for nutrients which can set off all sorts of cravings. It’s the same type of addiction that happens when someone ingest drugs. Once the initial “high” is obtained you never reach that level with the same quantity again. You are then driven to ingest more and more in an effort to achieve some sort of satisfaction. Similarly, both you and your body are looking for some satisfaction. Specifically, your body is looking for nourishment.
To achieve this, it’s not uncommon for the body to set off a barrage of hormones in an effort to get you to eat again; to achieve satisfaction or nourishment. Due to the chemical make-up of the ingredients and its effects on your receptors, you are driven to the same food over and over again. Like an addict trying to get a” fix”, you reach for it over and over again trying to gain satisfaction. Unfortunately, that never happens and the sick get sicker and the big get bigger.
So the next time you just can’t put something down, do yourself a favor and look at the ingredients. Do a little research and find out what you are ingesting. REAL nutrient dense FOOD is not addicting!
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